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Laser Designator / Explorer series  

Explorer series Laser Designator/illuminator, perfect for long distance for hunting, hiking, and search and rescue.

1. Green laser with Linear Optical Collimator.
2. Adjustable beam diameter & intensity, from a tight laser pointer beam to fat flashlight beam.
3. Smallest diameter is visible up to 10 miles for signaling or search/rescue ops.
4. Larger-diameter beams illuminate trails or paint objects up to 3000 yds away.
5. Equipped with a leather rail card slot for mounting optical sights.
6. Single 18650 Battery has over 5 hrs of continuous use.
7. Mouse switch included for remote control.
8. Made of high-tech aluminum, Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy, 6061-T6, Anodized matte black finish.
9. 30mm lens diameter, Beam Divergence:around 1 to 100mrad, Beam diameter up to 50cm at 5 meters' distance.
10.Dimensions: 9.75 x 2.25" (24.8 x 5.7 cm), Net Weight: 270g


jetlasers, alaxytech, 杰特光电,艾利克斯光电,军用激光器,激光厂家
jetlasers, alaxytech, 杰特光电,艾利克斯光电,军用激光器,激光厂家
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