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Rifle type laser dazzler / Fireback series  

Rifle type laser dazzler.

The fireback series rifle-type laser dazzler is a non-lethal laser weapon for counter-terrorism, anti-riot, etc.

1. The beam spot of this laser dazzler can be adjusted according to the working distance so as to cover the entire target. With a beam diameter of 30cm, the power density is about 1.5mW/cm2.
2. Interfering photoelectric equipment: It can interfere with photoelectric equipment such as camera equipment, night vision equipment, binoculars, artillery sights, etc. on the drone.
3. Long effective range: Thid laser dazzler has a maximum power of 4W and effective range of more than 400 meters, and the effective distance of interference photoelectric equipment is over 500 meters.
4. Focus adjustable: the user is allowed to adjust the spot size. Strobe mode and CW mode available. Multiple power supply options.

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jetlasers, alaxytech, 杰特光电,艾利克斯光电,军用激光器,激光厂家
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