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Multifunctional Laser Dazzler System / PTZ series  

PTZ series laser dazzler is a multifunctional laser dazzler system launched in 2020.

PTZ series laser dazzler uses high power laser beam to act on the irradiated target, causing short-term dizziness and unsuitability symptoms. It is equipped with a law enforcement record function, which can record and collect evidence, and restore the truth. It also has the features of laser lighting, ranging and Beidou positioning.

1. The laser dazzling function interferes with the vision of criminals and can cause them to lose sight temporarily.

2. It auto adjusts the power according to the measuring distance.
3. It can adjust the spot size, suitable for large-area crowd evacuation.
4. It can interfere with video recording equipment, have a strong interference effect on the photosensitive components of cameras, camcorders, optical sights and other equipment, and prevent all illegal shooting equipment and personnel from illegal shooting.
5. It can turn on the white laser lighting function esp. in dark conditions. And it can identify the body silhouette 500m away.
6. It can achieve area rejection/zone control: it can effectively control the speed of the target vehicle and person.


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jetlasers, alaxytech, 杰特光电,艾利克斯光电,军用激光器,激光厂家
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