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Shoulder fired dazzler laser / IRONSIR series  

IronSir series of shoulder-fired laser dazzlers launched in 2017.

IRONSIR series shoulder-fired laser dazzlers is an integrated nonlethal laser dazzler system that can be mounted on shoulder; it uses visible, high energy laser beam to strike hostile targets and blind them for a short period of time.

1. Suitable for long-distance dazzling, dispersal and warning, coast guard, crowd anti-riot, warning, etc.
2. Power modulation: the corresponding power of single-turn potentiometer is 0~5000mW.
3. The beam center is adjustable: the single-turn potentiometer corresponds to the distance between the beam center and the aperture.
4. Hand grip control:there are buttons to adjust output power and beam center.
5. Equipped with a leather rail card slot for mounting optical sights.


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jetlasers, alaxytech, 杰特光电,艾利克斯光电,军用激光器,激光厂家
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